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Handmade Evolving Digital Artworks, Painted Music and Performed Visuals

Infratonal is a Paris based creative working with digital technology to produce sublime experimental audio-visual art.

“My name is Louk. I’m an artist based in Paris, I use digital creation technologies in my artistic approach, and I try to marry sound and image through gesture.

I also consider my creative journey as a research project, both theoretical and aesthetic. From a visual aesthetic point of view, my pieces are based on textures as well as shapes. My formal creation is rather intuitive and does not always follow a conscious inspiration. Colors and shapes evolve throughout the creative process until they reach a point, often far from the initial idea, when I consider them very subjectively as balanced,” an artist told in interview.

More: Infratonal, Instagram, Twitter h/t: beyondphotography

“As part of my theoretical research, I am interested in how the digital art form can evolve. Interactive art is, of course, not something new, but I think there is still a lot of room to explore, for example on the nature of musical and visual creation under the influence of gesture. Keeping the gesture within an algorithmic composition is crucial to me. The gesture is a way to explore digital designs sensitively and navigate within data to “make them express something”.”

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