“Trans A.M.”: The Superb 3D Surreal Digital Art and VR Sculptures by Elena Romenkova

Elena Romenkova is a digital artist from St Petersburg, currently based in Vienna. Experimenting with the human form and glitch art through animation, Romenkova’s work explores the relationship between man and machine. She graduated from the University of A. Herzen with a degree in Fine Arts and has participated in art exhibitions in Russia and abroad since 2004.

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With a melange of glitch sculptures and rendered surrealistic images, the virtual space “beyond the mind” represents a transitional state between dream and reality that comes from the unconscious. Shapes and colors are not only aspects of beauty, they also have an inner sense and meanings that are understandable on an unconscious level.

Human bodies are transformed and modified here by various 3D modeling methods or data manipulation (glitching). Glitching techniques always bring unpredictable results. These shape transformations give 3D sculptures a new aesthetic and meaning. The digital world absorbs all sides of human activity, where a person can have a different face, a different life. It also changes the mind and the state of the psyche.

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