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3D Printed T-Rex Arms For Chicken Cosplay

If you haven’t heard about it yet, you will now. Chickens are the closest living relative to the T-Rex. That’s right the mighty fearsome Tyrannosaurs has evolved into a chicken. You thought those tiny arms were ridiculous. Well, look at him now.

h/t: sadanduseless

Twitter user Just Jon Nah fired up his 3D printer and gave his pet chicken these beautiful T-Rex arms. If you are looking for reason to buy a 3D printer yourself, this is it.

For those who already have a 3D printer at home, he has uploaded a blueprint so you can make a set of arms yourself, and you won’t have to search where to order them online. As you can see from the photos below, people have already started to take advantage of this idea and printed out T-Rex arms for their own chickens:

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