This Artist Blends Digital Art With Real-Life Objects And Scenery, Creating Hyper-Realistic Images That Are Surreal At The Same Time

The body of work from rek0de asserts itself as highly distinguishable in the field of 3D motion graphics. One of the notable style choices include embedding colorful swarms of spheres into urban environments, generated with computer rendering technology. The flair is surreal in that the view from which the image or video is taken seems from very identifiable angles, as if a bystander came across such curious sight and pulled out their phone or camera to capture the moment.

Surrealism sets the stage in Rek0de’s work, curling the mundane around the inexplicable to seamless success. Through clever creativity, the real is made unreal, and the unreal is made reality.

Rek0de’s artwork is delightfully exploratory and difficult to look away from. Why try? Have a look and check out more below!

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