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Photographer Discovered An Abandoned House In France Filled With ‘Demonic’ Dolls


Bryan Sansivero’s photography captures the beauty and melancholy of abandoned homes with his use of vivid colors and evocative imagery.

Through his lens, these ruined structures are imbued with a sense of nostalgia and loss, a striking balance between presence and absence that creates a poetic reflection of forgotten stories and experiences. Sansivero’s work is a testament to the emotional impact of photography and its ability to capture the essence of the world around us.

More: Bryan Sansivero, Instagram h/t: boredpanda


According to a photographer: “Completely covered by vines and hidden away from the world sits an abandoned house in France that, to some people, could be considered their worst nightmare. Rooms are packed with unusual things, but most notably giant life-size dolls.

Each room was hidden behind a sheet or a hidden door that opened up to another room with more dolls. One room, in particular, had life-size dolls with handmade clothes all lined up eerily staring at you, while others hung from their necks pinned to the wall. Take a peek inside the demon doll house.”


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