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Horse in the House – German Woman Lets Horse Live in Her House Following Hurricane Xaver

Doctor Stephanie Arndt brought her horse Nasar into the house when Hurricane Xaver battered her town of Holt, Germany in late 2013. But the three-year-old Arabian horse has taken a liking to the indoors — you could say he’s made himself right at home. You’ll have to see these photos to believe them. (Photo: Carsten Rehder/AFP/Getty Images)

Stephanie offers Nasar a healthy glass of juice. (Photo: Carsten Rehder/AFP/Getty Images)

Stephanie pets Nasar, who appears too large to make use of any of the furniture. (Photo: Carsten Rehder/AFP/Getty Images)

Nasar keeps Stephanie company in the kitchen of her farmhouse in Holt, Germany on Feb. 20, 2014. (Photo: Carsten Rehder/AFP/Getty Images)

A horse, of course! Nasar enjoys staying inside. (Photo: Carsten Rehder/AFP/Getty Images)

Got any sugar cubes? Nasar stands in the kitchen. (Photo: Carsten Rehder/AFP/Getty Images)

Who are you? Nasar looks at his reflection on Feb. 10, 2014. (Photo: Carsten Rehder/AFP/Getty Images)

Hi, neigh-bor! Nasar gives Stephanie Arndt a nuzzle in the kitchen on Feb. 10, 2014. (Photo: Carsten Rehder/AFP/Getty Images)

Nasar plays some tunes on a keyboard. Wonder if he knows “Wild Horses?” (Photo: Carsten Rehder/AFP/Getty Images)

Ever feel like someone is watching you? Nasar peeks through a window. (Photo: Carsten Rehder/AFP/Getty Images)

Too bad he doesn’t have opposable thumbs! Nasar stands over a box on the kitchen floor. (Photo: Carsten Rehder/AFP/Getty Images)

Stable living situation: Nasar moves freely around the farmhouse where he lives. (Photo: Carsten Rehder/AFP/Getty Images)

Neigh-sayers: Stephanie watches Nasar walk into the living room. (Photo: Carsten Rehder/AFP/Getty Images)

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