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A Drone In A Squash Court: Minimalist Aerial Photography Series by Brad Walls

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Brad Walls (previously featured) was born in Sydney in 1992. Despite studying Science, his preferred artistic medium is Aerial Photography. From 2019 to the present, Brad has been refining his style garnering international acclaim, setting new precedents in photographic expression.

Defining a new era of Aerial Photography and the recipient of several prestigious awards, Brad has attracted features in Washington Post, Guardian, CNN, New York Times and multiple other publications around the world; his work is frequently in the limelight of social media. Brad’s reputation also recently earned him a front cover of Signature Luxury Travel and featured spread in Aesthetica Magazine & Vanity Fair

Brad’s niche style removes itself from traditional Aerial Photography and focuses on experimentation with negative space, symmetry and leading lines. Taking a keen interest in top down portraits, Brad has documented the likes of Synchronised swimming, gymnastics and Ballet, using the human body to portray visual pleasing shapes from above. Carefully composing ordinary objects takes Brad’s focus, releasing his “Pools From Above” in 2020 reaching global success compared to that of David Hockney and Slim Aarons.

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Mannequin Road

“I’ve released a new retrofuturistic series set inside a squash court captured solely by a drone.”


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