An Aerial Tour Of An Abandoned Chinese Fishing Village By Joe Nafis – Design You Trust

An Aerial Tour Of An Abandoned Chinese Fishing Village By Joe Nafis

Abandoned in the 1990s, Houtouwan is a small fishing village on the eastern most Chinese island of Shengshan. Due to large trawlers from nearby Shanghai, the fishing supply was depleted and forced the residents to find work elsewhere. Now this ghost village only sees tourists and a few locals selling essentials for the day trippers.

Shanghai-based photographer and videographer Joe Nafis visited the area last year with fellow photographer Dave Tacon. It took them nearly 36 hours to reach the village due to lack of ferries or connection with other towns in the area. Once in town, Nafis explored the area on foot, as well as from above with his drone.

More info: Joe Nafis, Dave Tacon h/t: colossal

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