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Spectacular Winning Images of The World Nature Photography Awards 2022

“Playgroup” – Japanese macaques on Awaji Island, Japan. The gold winner in the behaviour – mammals category. (Photo by Hidetoshi Ogata/World Nature Photography Awards 2022)

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“Danger in the mud” – a crocodile at Mana Pools National Park, Zimbabwe. The grand prize winner. (Photo by Jens Cullmann/World Nature Photography Awards 2022)

Snow Leopard in the Indian Himalayas. The gold winner in the animals in their habitats category. (Photo by Sascha Fonseca/World Nature Photography Awards 2022)

“Ride on you” – a Japanese stream toad in the Owase Mountains in Mie, Japan. The winner in the behaviour – amphibians and reptiles category. (Photo by Ikuma Norihiro/World Nature Photography Awards 2022)

“I’m Coming for You” – a Male Hooded Merganser in Huntley Meadows Park, US. The winner in the behaviour – birds category. (Photo by Charles Schmidt/World Nature Photography Awards 2022)

“The ghost of the rocks” – a Red crab (Grapsus adscensionis) on La Gomera Island, Spain. The gold winner in the behaviour – invertebrates category. (Photo by Javier Herranz Casellas/World Nature Photography Awards 2022)

“Vulnerable” – an iguana on Grenada Island, West Indies. The gold winner in the black and white category. (Photo by Alain Ernoult/World Nature Photography Awards 2022)

“Underwater colorful snowstorm” – spawning coral in the Red Sea. The gold winner in the nature art category. (Photo by Tom Shlesinger/World Nature Photography Awards 2022)

“Injured fur seal” – an Australian fur seal off Port Kembla, NSW. The gold winner in the nature photojournalism category. (Photo by Nicolas & Léna Remy/World Nature Photography Awards 2022)

“Tree of life” – a fallen Eucalyptus tree in Mount Barker, Western Australia. The gold winner in the plants and fungi category. (Photo by Julie Kenny/World Nature Photography Awards 2022)

“The guts” – inside a glacier at Solheimajokull, South Iceland. The gold winner in the people and nature category. (Photo by Virgil Reglioni/World Nature Photography Awards 2022)

Harlequin shrimps, Hymenocera picta, photographed with the snoot on the blue seastar, Linkia laevigata, in Lembeh strait, Indonesia. The gold winner in the underwater category. (Photo by Adriano Morettin/World Nature Photography Awards 2022)

“The Grand Tetons” – at Grand Teton Peak Wyoming, US. The gold winner in the planet Earth’s landscapes and environments category. (Photo by Jake Moshe/World Nature Photography Awards 2022)

The home of the kestrel a Common kestrel (Falco tinnunculus) in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria. The gold winner in the urban wildlife category. (Photo by Vladislav Tasev/World Nature Photography Awards 2022)

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