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Beautiful Photos of West Zealand County, Denmark in the Late 1930s

Vestsjælland Lumbsaas, circa 1938

West Zealand County (Danish: Vestsjællands Amt) is a former county in the west-central part of the island of Zealand (Sjælland) in eastern Denmark. The county was formed on 1 April 1970, comprising a few former counties. The county was abolished effective January 1, 2007, when it merged into Region Sjælland (i.e. Region Zealand).

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Vestsjælland Asnæs Pynten, circa 1938

The county was responsible for public hospitals, upper secondary schools and schools for Higher Preparatory Examination, public transport and social welfare for the disabled.

Vestsjælland Bramsnæsvig, circa 1938

The County Hall was located in the town of Sorø, and became the seat of the new region. Sorø is by no means the biggest city in West Zealand, but it has great historical value. It is famed for the Sorø Academy (Danish, Sorø Akademi), an educational institution built in 1140 together with the church where Queen Margaret I of Denmark was buried (later moved to Roskilde Domkirke, Roskilde).

Many people who live in West Zealand commute to the greater metropolitan area of Copenhagen for work.

Vestsjælland Faarsvejle, circa 1938

Vestsjælland Jægerspris, circa 1938

Vestsjælland Kallundborg, circa 1938

Vestsjælland Kvanløse Kirke, circa 1938

Vestsjælland Løvenborg, circa 1938

Vestsjælland Munkholmen, circa 1938

Vestsjælland Ordrup Næs, circa 1938

Vestsjælland Raklev, circa 1938

Vestsjælland Rørvig, circa 1938

Vestsjælland Rørvig, circa 1938

Vestsjælland Sejkøbugten, circa 1938

Vestsjælland Sjællands Odde, circa 1938

Vestsjælland Valsoølille Sø, circa 1938

Vestsjælland, Roskilde Domkirke (Roskilde Cathedral), circa 1938

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