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Asymmetric Nature Houses Along The Danish Archipelago By LUMO Architects


Along the coast of Denmark in the South Fyn archipelago, there are islands known for their natural and nature-abundant landscape. Giving visitors an opportunity to be involved in the rural outdoors, Aarhus-based firm LUMO Architects have designed a series of shelter constructions and campsites along the islands of Skarø, Drejø, Birkholm and Ærø.

More info: LUMO Architects (h/t: freeyork, designboom)


Scattered over 19 locations, the perfect ‘blue landmark’ covers appear as asymmetrical bodies with angled lines. Clad with large wood chips arranged with black-pigmented wood tar oil, the randomly displaced openings look-out and frame the around nature and at night, the lunar orbit across the night sky can be observed. Five different volumes have been placed, each varying in size and function while maintaining a constant spatial relationship.


The asymmetric forms are suggestive of the various shelter types arising from the traditional huts used by fishermen to store their catch, and thus, influencing the names of each one: ‘Monkfish’ – containing 3 levels and combined bird-watching platform; ‘Garfish’ – a 6-7 person overnight shelter that extends as picnic space for school classes; ‘Lumpfish’ – a 3-5 person overnight accommodation with stay and sauna area; the ‘Flounder’ – a 2 person overnight shelter; and finally the ‘Eelpout’ – which functions as the lavatory.


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