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The Incredible 3D Crochet Creations of Digital Artist Akbar Erabiyan


Iranian artist Akbar Erabiyan has created a name for himself in the digital art world with his unique 3D modelling techniques. His talent lies in creating stunning crochet figures that seem to come to life using software such as Maya, ZBrush and Houdini.

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What sets Akbar apart is his ability to add incredible levels of detailing and textures to his creations that make them look incredibly real. His latest masterpiece draws inspiration from a popular video game and HBO series, “The Last of Us.” Akbar has used his skills to create stunningly accurate versions of the main characters Joel and Ellie, as well as the infamous “clickers.”


Aside from creating replicas of popular characters, Akbar also loves coming up with his own creations. His imagination knows no bounds, and it shines through in his intricate designs. His work continues to garner attention and admiration from all corners of the world, making him a true asset to the world of digital art.









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