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Artist Mark Jeffrey R. Santos Created a World of Fantasy that You Can Get Lost In


Born and working in the Philippines Mark Jeffrey R. Santos creates works that focus on characters navigating a fantasy world all within a contemporary style.

Santos’s previous work in film and visual arts has provided a deeper understanding of world-building. He paints a fantasy world onto the canvas that begs the viewer to go on an adventure.

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[image] 83555
[image] 395940
[image] 405245
[image] 818015
[image] 1421281
[image] 1553522
[image] 1922870
[image] 2414121
[image] 2534227
[image] 3014413
[image] 3121625
[image] 3250198
[image] 3426452
[image] 3624541
[image] 3845534
[image] 4584884
[image] 4965395
[image] 5120174
[image] 5169775
[image] 5210078
[image] 5264943
[image] 5441690
[image] 5752957
[image] 5761437
[image] 5904264
[image] 6897365
[image] 7330593
[image] 7501242
[image] 7612134
[image] 8428470
[image] 8512367
[image] 8791825
[image] 8864224
[image] 8919136
[image] 9004160
[image] 9102028
[image] 9217738
[image] 9639257

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