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Meet Liza Odette, an Artist Who Loves to Combine Simple Yet Detailed 3D Shapes with Vibrant Colors


Lisa Odette is an artist who loves to explore the female essence through shapes and colors. She focuses on creating pleasing and eye catching compositions, always trying to fill the space in a balanced way.

More: Instagram, Behance

[image] 135893
[image] 1170184
[image] 1534369
[image] 2051362
[image] 3073515
[image] 3222495
[image] 3633426
[image] 3653924
[image] 3843000
[image] 3899609
[image] 4307918
[image] 4491081
[image] 4606071
[image] 4883994
[image] 5640710
[image] 5651055
[image] 5683475
[image] 5690501
[image] 5782579
[image] 6384774
[image] 6626524
[image] 7219040
[image] 7268282
[image] 7583421
[image] 7672623
[image] 7736382
[image] 7973914
[image] 8090477
[image] 8504890
[image] 8882418
[image] 9147749
[image] 9323889
[image] 9568570

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