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Transforming Landscapes into Art: Jadikan’s Stunning Long Exposure Photos of Aerial Firework


French artist Jadikan has recently taken the world of photography by storm with his latest series of photographs titled “Phénomènes” or Aerial Firework Dreams. The series is a breathtaking collection of long exposure photos that are created using drones equipped with flammable powder, specifically designed to create firework bursts that light up the night sky.

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Jadikan’s passion for photography and light painting dates back to 2005 when he accidentally created his first images with light trails using an incandescent cigarette butt. Since then, he has been honing his skills in the field and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with his art.

In this latest series, he masterfully combines technology and light painting techniques to produce stunning images that capture the imagination. The preparation for the shoot is meticulous and takes place during the day, where Jadikan scours the landscape to find the perfect location for his next masterpiece. He equips the drones with flammable materials, carefully planning each shot to ensure that the fireworks bursts fall like a rain of light, enchanting the setting and giving it a dimension that is both poetic and spiritual.


The result is a remarkable demonstration of Jadikan’s artistry and his ability to transform familiar landscapes into captivating, enigmatic places. “Phénomènes” is truly a visual feast for the eyes, showcasing Jadikan’s unique skillset and his dedication to his craft.


As we marvel at the beauty of these images, we can’t help but be inspired by Jadikan’s passion for photography and his willingness to push the limits of what’s possible. His work reminds us that there is still so much to discover in the world of art, and that with dedication and creativity, anything is possible.


If you’re a fan of photography or simply appreciate the beauty of the natural world, do yourself a favor and check out Jadikan’s incredible “Phénomènes” collection. You won’t be disappointed.

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