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Mugshots Of Female Nazi Concentration Camp Guards While Awaiting Trial In 1945

These black and white portraits of the female prison camp guards which were taken after the liberation of the Bergen-Belsen, a Nazi concentration camp, while they were at Celle awaiting trial in 1945.


Juana Bormann: sentenced to death.



Herta Ehlert: sentenced to 15 years imprisonment.


Ilse Forster: senetenced to 10 years imprisonment.


Helene Kopper: sentenced to 15 years imprisonment.


Hildegard Lohbauer: sentenced to 10 years imprisonment.


Hilde Liesewitz: sentenced to 1 years imprisonment.


Gertrude Saurer: sentenced to 10 years imprisonment.


Gertrude Feist: sentenced to 5 years imprisonment.


Elizabeth Volkenrath: head wardress of the camp: sentenced to death. She was hanged on 13 December 1945.


Herta Bothe accompanied adeath march of woman from central Poland to Bergen-Belsen. She was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment. Herta Bothe was released early from prison on 22 December 1951.


Frieda Walter: sentenced to 3 years imprisonment.


Anna Hempel: sentenced to 10 years imprisonment.

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