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Bodies with No Regret: Stunning Photography by Sandro Giordano


Sandro Giordano, an Italian artist specializing in photography, embarked on his artistic journey at the “Istituto per la Cinematografia e la Televisione Roberto Rossellini” in Rome, where he studied set design. After graduation, he delved into the world of theatre, working as a light and sound engineer in various Roman theatres.

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In 1993, Sandro expanded his skills by studying acting at one of Rome’s premier private schools. The following year marked the beginning of his professional acting career. He worked with esteemed directors such as Luciano Melchionna and Giancarlo Cobelli on stage, and Dario Argento, Davide Marengo, Carlo Verdone, and Melchionna again on film.


However, since October 2013, Sandro has dedicated himself entirely to his photographic project titled IN EXTREMIS (bodies with no regret). Through this project, he narrates the tale of a gradually declining world by capturing the lives of ordinary individuals who are consumed by their obsessions and possessions.


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