The Mullet Shoe: Now You Can Wear a Stylish Hairstyle Not only On the Head, but Also on The Feet – Design You Trust

The Mullet Shoe: Now You Can Wear a Stylish Hairstyle Not only On the Head, but Also on The Feet


Sneaker in the front, party in the back! The Mullet Shoe is a high-top with silky smooth set of light brown locks cascading down the back. It’s a mullet… for a shoe… ready to swish all sultry when you walk, and blow romantically in the breeze. And also get muddy, matted, and rank when you drag it through the dirt, and possibly make you trip and fall on your face if you don’t mind its flowing length, which appears to be couple inches longer than the shoe itself.

More: The Mullet Shoe h/t: sadanduseless


The Mullet Shoe is a new and limited addition to Volley’s Heritage High collection. The Australian footwear brand is collaborating with Black Dog Institute to sell the shoes, with 100% of their proceeds going to the nonprofit’s Mullets for Mental Health cause.


Black Dog Institute senior manager of partnerships Tasman Cassim said of the collaboration: “We have been so overwhelmed with the support for our Mullets for Mental Health fundraiser and now to have a Volley shoe with a mullet attached as a way of raising additional funds for mental health, we are absolutely stoked.”


A pair costs $84.99 and comes with a white canvas upper and original Volley rubber sole, removable Velcro hairpiece, and the iconic herringbone outsole. It is made 100% animal-free so don’t worry about the hair as it’s completely synthetic.


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