Urban Explorer Visits Abandoned Japanese Love Motel Of Naughty Attractions

Dutch explorer Bob Thissen has explored hundreds of abandoned places all over the world, including many love motels. In July 2019, Bob found what he claims is the biggest and most high-end love motel he has ever seen, on Honshu island, Japan.

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The motel, whose precise location Bob did not reveal for fear of vandalism, is a maze of rooms containing colourful furniture, moving beds, clusters of mirrors to watch you and your partner from different angles and even a bondage room with a rotating wheel.

Bob said: “This place had the craziest rooms I’ve ever seen, including moving UFO beds, a rotating merry-go-round bed, a bondage room and many more. In Japan, multiple generations will often live in the same home so it can be difficult to get some much needed privacy.”

According to Bob, the motel he visited was active during the Showa era, which ended in 1989 after the death of the Emperor Showa. After he died it became difficult to open love motels this big and many were shut down.

Bob added that these motels allowed you to slip into your room unnoticed and you were granted full privacy.

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