An Artist Creates Stunning Portraits By Combining Photos Of Celebrities


Pedro Berg Johnsen of Norway has an unusual hobby: in his spare time, he combines portraits of celebrities to create real-looking photos of people that don’t actually exist. For example, the portrait above was created by blending the heads and faces of singer Taylor Swift and actress Emma Watson.

Here’s another one created from actors Matt Bomer and Jake Gyllenhaal:

“I use a bit of Photoshop for final touches and editing, but the actual blending is done in a program called SqirlzMorph,” Johnsen tells PetaPixel. “It’s free, and pretty easy to use.”

“As for time, everything between two hours and a couple of days,” he says. “It depends on image size, what level of detail I’m going for and how invested I am in the project.”

Here are some other hybrid faces he has created so far:

Emma Watson + Kristen Stewart

Jeremy Renner + Chris Evans

Megan Fox + Angelina Jolie

Michael Shannon + Jake Gyllenhaal

Arnold Schwarzenegger + Colin Farrell

Natalie Dormer + Elsa Hosk

Mads Mikkelsen + Hugh Dancy

Ethan Hawke + Brad Pitt

Elizabeth Olsen + Scarlett Johansson

Chris Pratt + Harrison Ford

Heath Ledger + Tom Hardy

Natalie Dormer + Emma Watson

Chris Pratt + Patrick Wilson
Via PetaPixel

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