Photographer Transforms His Kitchen Into a Skatepark for Fruits and Vegetables


Since childhood, Paris-based photographer Benoit Jammes has held a passion for skateboarding and extreme sports; although throughout the years he has turned his attention towards his artistic pursuits, he has found a way to marry his boyhood passion and his current everyday life with Skitchen, a photographic investigation into the unknown and clandestine adventures of foods.


While Jammes maintains the various produce and ingredients pictured in Skitchen do in fact come to life once we turn our backs, he does admit to a tiny bit of post-processing. For the most part, however, the scenes are true to life, and the photographer takes care to build believable and real scenarios in the kitchen.


When asked what he hopes audiences will draw from the project, he reports that he wants to inspire us to get creative, both in the pantry and in the skatepark. He ends on an elusive and playful note: “There’s no magic in this series; the most difficult thing is to be discreet to get the perfect shot of a perfect grind without being seen!” says the artist before letting out a laugh.

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