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‘Flying Saucer’ Gas Stations in Kyiv From the Late 1970s and Early 1980s


In the 1970s, even the most mundane gas stations in the USSR were transformed into architectural masterpieces without sacrificing their functionality. In 1977, at least two such gas stations were built in Kyiv. Despite their unusual appearance, they were quite comfortable for drivers.

h/t: vintag.es


One of the key features of these gas stations was that it didn’t matter which side of the car the fuel filler neck was on. Drivers only had to park their car not too far from the desired hose. After paying the operator, a gun with a hose would be lowered from the “flying saucer” above, eliminating the need for drivers to reach for it.


Interestingly, the idea for these gas stations was not originally conceived in the Soviet Union. It was borrowed from Japan, where such designs were popular at the time. As a result, these gas stations were often referred to as “Japanese.”


Unfortunately, this technology for refueling cars did not catch on and eventually fell out of use. It seems that there were more disadvantages than advantages to this approach. Nonetheless, these gas stations remain a fascinating example of Soviet architecture and design.


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