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The Haunting Bird People Portraits by Sara Angelucci

Sara Angelucci Aviary 0

“Aviary” by Toronto-based artist Sara Angelucci overlays birds on vintage pictures, a popular photography style. These hauntingly strange human-animal hybrids indicate something more. “Aviary” shows that humans are vulnerable like environment and wildlife. It also discusses changing perspectives.

Angelucci wonders,

“Might we then imagine the Aviary portraits as chimera suspended in a state of empathy, and wonder what our treatment of other sentient beings might be if we could feel what they feel, or see what they see?”

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Sara Angelucci Aviary 1
Sara Angelucci Aviary 2
Sara Angelucci Aviary 3
Sara Angelucci Aviary 4
Sara Angelucci Aviary 5
Sara Angelucci Aviary 6
Sara Angelucci Aviary 8
Sara Angelucci Aviary 9
Sara Angelucci Aviary 10
Sara Angelucci Aviary 11
Sara Angelucci Aviary 12

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