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This Is How Soviets Imagined 21st Century Will Look Like: The Soviet Eera Sci-Fi Mag That Wanted To Predict The Future

Soviets tried to predict how will future look like, in one of their magazines called “Tekhnika Molodezhi” (“Youth’s Technics”) that was a very popular mag of their time. They were covering all the newest technological trends that would emerge in both close and distant future, and some things they actually guessed. They predicted a lot of crazy things too like Mountain cities (basically a huge building) that would settle millions of people inside (judge dread movie flashback), to underground cities but also a orbital space station that actually did happen.

Each issue of the magazine had a dedicated part where they would try to predict how 21st century on Earth would look like. So below you’ll see from the earliest magazine issues up to the ones in late 1970’s. Let us see how 21st century predictions changed as 20th century technologies evolved.

h/t: slavforum

They imagined cities will be underground

They imagined floating bases with elevators to sea bottom

They predicted the phone answering machine.

They imagined rocket shaped planes in future

They dreamed of plowing Soviet fields with mini-bombs! (LOL)

Imagined resonance weapons against enemy airplanes

Electro-magnetic field to prevent tanks

Huge sphere-shaped bases on Arctic to live there. (they would float if ice melts)

Aerosleighs vehicles to travel across Arctic waters

Semi-submarine ship to avoid all obstacles in the Arctic.

Electromagnetic ground stations to electro-infuse flying electro-planes!

Dirigible that could generate electricity while flying

Balloon airplanes to explore the stratosphere

New kind of steam engine cars, trains and bikes!

Electrical gyroplane fueling from from trolleybus electric lines

Supersonic jets powered by nuclear cell flying for months.

They predicted the artificial satellite around Earth.

They even predicted the orbital cosmonaut station.

First ideas of a moon base.

Monorail train system in the cities of the future.

Mountain city that would fit 55 million people inside

They predicted the artificial snow slopes, but in Summer.

Mecha-robots to help engineers.

For wall climbing too!

Bullet fast sports cars.

Electric trains that don’t need rails, perfect for other planet usage.

…and steam powered boots for that double jumb from DOOM 4

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