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According to AI, This Is What Walmart People Look Like


Walmart shoppers are known for being a diverse and eccentric bunch. But how does artificial intelligence perceive them? We used AI to analyze some photos of people who visit Walmart, and the results were surprising, amusing, and entertaining.

According to AI, many of them like to munch on burgers while shopping. Take a look at some of the funny images of Walmartians that AI generated for us. And don’t take it personally, if you happen to be a regular Walmart customer yourself.

h/t: sadanduseless

People Of Walmart1
People Of Walmart2
People Of Walmart3
People Of Walmart4
People Of Walmart5
People Of Walmart6
People Of Walmart7
People Of Walmart9
People Of Walmart10
People Of Walmart11
People Of Walmart12
People Of Walmart13
People Of Walmart14
People Of Walmart15
People Of Walmart16
People Of Walmart17
People Of Walmart18
People Of Walmart19
People Of Walmart20
People Of Walmart21
People Of Walmart22

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