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Cornelia Konrads’s Amusing Site-Specific Art Installations


Cornelia Konrads, a German artist, creates mind-bending site-specific installations in public spaces, parks, and private gardens all over the world. Her work is frequently distinguished by a distinct sense of weightlessness and a proclivity for defying accepted physics conventions.

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Cornelia’s installations have challenged audiences’ perceptions of space and gravity, as well as amused them with their whimsical and surreal nature, from France to South Korea. Cornelia’s ability to make solid objects appear to float in mid-air is one of the most striking aspects of her work. She builds her installations out of materials such as stone, logs, branches, and even snow, then arranges them so that they appear suspended or in motion.


Despite the complexity of her ideas, Cornelia’s installations have a sense of playfulness that is difficult to ignore. Her works are frequently interactive, inviting viewers to step into them or view them from various perspectives. This lighthearted approach not only makes her work accessible to a broad audience, but it also encourages viewers to engage with art and the environment in novel ways.


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