“The End Begun”: Superb Sculptures From The Outworld By Kenny Carmody

Kenny Carmody is a professional 3D Character Artist at Cloud Imperium Games with talent that stretches across modeling, texturing, and concept development, where he displays an incredible eye for lighting and detail. He has most recently worked on films such as The Mummy, Godzila: King of Monsters, Alita: Battle Angel and others.

“My primary 3D modeling pipeline includes a range of software to keep the process simple. I use Pixologic ZBrush, Autodesk Maya & 3ds Max for modeling, since this is quite the standard for a production environment. (I began modeling using XSI Softimage and then switched to 3ds Max.) Overall I try to stay in the same software as much as I can doing about 90% of my modeling within ZBrush, especially for concept modeling. There’s no other tool which is faster for creating concepts. In my opionion, there is a lot of amazing tools and software which can lead you to the same end result–understanding the basics of modeling, sculpting, and SubD modeling can be translated to any software package–so I’m always open to what other tools can fit within my workflow.” – Kenny told KeyShot.

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