Japanese Art Student’s Graduation Project Is A Lineup Of Cats Adorably Asking You For High Fives

Japanese sculptor Sakura Hanafusa expertly crafted one that all cat lovers would love in their home. A lineup of seven cats extending their paws to high five you after you come home.

Hanafusa made the sculptures as her graduation project from art university in 2016, and writes on Twitter that she “wanted to make a piece that people not only looked at and enjoyed, but could have fun interacting with.” She certainly did that with the project, titled “High-Seven” (seven cats, seven high fives, of course). Each cat is carved individually from camphor wood and oil painted, and in an interview with Yahoo News, Hanafusa says she modeled the individual expressions of 6 of the cats after a her family cats, and 1 after a friend’s.

More: Twitter h/t: grapee

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