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Polina Nol’s Mixed Media Sculptures Serve as Portals to A Magical Universe Where the Mundane Intersects with The Extraordinary

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Georgian-born Polina Nol is an artist and illustrator who skilfully constructs enchanting mixed-media sculptures. She uses a variety of materials, including steel wire, polymer clay, faux fur, acrylic and glitter, to bring to life fantastical creatures that seem to emerge from the realm of fairy tales. Continue reading »

Artist Creates Tiny Sculptures In The Size Of Gnats; Here, Dinosaur Edition


Marie Cohydon, an artist, was inspired by the film Jurassic Park and her son’s love for dinosaurs to create a collection of microsculptures. She began with a tyrannosaur, spending around a hundred hours on each piece to capture the right proportions and expressions. Continue reading »

The Magnificent Monochrome Sculptural Works of Hans Op de Beeck


Belgian visual artist Hans Op de Beeck is known for his diverse body of work, which includes sculpture, installation, video, photography and painting. He is celebrated for creating meticulously detailed artworks using a strikingly monochromatic palette. Continue reading »

This Ceramic Artist Transforms Household Items into Cultural Symbols


Stephanie H. Shih, a ceramicist based in Brooklyn, uses her art to bring everyday items found in Asian-American households to life. Her ceramics are not just objects, but a journey into identity, culture, and history. Continue reading »

Crafting Halloween Magic: Jean Marie Smith’s Spectacular Hay Bale Art


Every year, Jean Marie Smith eagerly anticipates the arrival of Halloween for a very special reason. As a digital artist with a heart full of creativity, she dedicates her time to creating giant hay bale art for a beloved local nonprofit’s annual Halloween event. Her unique creations are nothing short of extraordinary, adding a touch of enchantment to the spooky season. Continue reading »

Sculpting History and Eroticism: Oliver Marinkoski’s Masterful Creations


In the world of digital art, Oliver Marinkoski, a talented artist hailing from Macedonia, is embarking on a captivating creative odyssey. His journey takes us on a mesmerizing exploration of the past and present, as he seamlessly merges the timeless elegance of antiquity with contemporary allure. Continue reading »

Molding Clay, Molding Self – A Sculptor’s Tale of Love, Loss, and Life


Johnson Tsang (previously), a renowned Hong Kong sculptor, excels in the creation of ceramics, stainless steel sculptures and public art. His mastery lies in blending realistic sculptural techniques with a touch of surrealism. His works often feature expressive human figures intertwined with elements of elasticity and fluidity, conveying powerful messages. Continue reading »

The Captivating Gradients and Fluid Motion in Didem Yagci’s Wall Sculptures


Meet the Plywood Picasso, Didem Yagci, who transforms layered plywood panels into mesmerizing wall sculptures that brighten any space. Continue reading »

The Art of Motion: Koichiro Azuma’s Kinetic Bicycle Sculptures


Bicycles, for most of us, are simple modes of transportation. But in the hands of Japanese artist Koichiro Azuma, they are transformed into extraordinary works of art. Continue reading »

The Superb Tech-Inspired Sculptures by Michal Sycz


How do you turn old audio equipment into art? Michal Sycz, a Polish artist and graphic designer, knows the answer. He takes apart vintage audio devices from the 60s, 70s and 80s and transforms them into sculptures and installations. His work is a tribute to the past, but also a reflection on the changing nature of technology. Continue reading »

The Breathtaking Fluid Metal Sculptures by Georgie Seccull


Georgie Seccull’s art delves into the profound cycle of creation and obliteration, seeking to understand life’s essence. Continue reading »

The Superb Wooden Sculptures by Hans Panscha


When we think of artists, we imagine their masterpieces displayed on gallery walls or resting on ornate pedestals. But Hans Panschar is no ordinary artist. Hailing from Berg, Germany, Panschar doesn’t just create – he lives and breathes his art. Continue reading »

A Deep Dive into João Charrua’s Paper Origami Masterpieces


Origami, the art of folding paper into intricate designs, is a tradition revered by many, but few have mastered it as impressively as João Charrua, a renowned artist based in Portugal. With precision, patience, and a flair for the extraordinary, João crafts pieces that captivate the eyes and stir the soul. Continue reading »

Crafting Wonder: Alex Chinneck’s Dance Between Physics and Fantasy


From the whimsical lanes of Britain, Alex Chinneck has been weaving magic for over ten years with his artistry, sculpting realities that boggle the mind. Continue reading »

Breathing Life into Junk: Stephen Ives’ Unique Bricolage Art


Born in England in 1970, Stephen Ives is a Melbourne-based artist specializing in bricolage. He forges his works from a diverse mix of materials: toys, junk, discovered objects, model kits, and pliable extras like polymer clays and aluminum. Continue reading »

Mastering the Craft of Three-Dimensional Emotive Metaphors by Troy Coulterman


Troy Coulterman, hailing from Canada, meticulously shapes human figures in three dimensions. These figures are noted for their enticing color schemes and their exaggerated characteristics inspired by graphic novels. Continue reading »

Exploring the Boundaries of Form and Texture through 3D-Printed Sculpture by Herschel Shapiro


Herschel Shapiro’s artworks reflect the harmonious marriage of digital precision and natural beauty, achieved via 3D printing. Continue reading »

Ida: Bizarre Mermaid Sculptures by Olivia Erlanger


Imagine going to a laundromat in LA and finding some glittering mermaid tails spinning in the machines. That’s how this amazing and weird art piece by LA based artist Olivia Erlanger began in 2016. Continue reading »

Reimagining American Pressed Glass: The Sculptural Works of Amber Cowan


Glass is the main material that Amber Cowan uses to create her sculptures. She has over fifteen years of experience in working with glass and holds an MFA in Glass/Ceramics from Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia and a BFA in 3-Dimensional Design with a focus on Glass from Salisbury University. Continue reading »

Exploring Nature’s Beauty Through Art: The Captivating Works of Stephanie Kilgast


Stephanie Kilgast (previously featured), a talented artist with a deep appreciation for nature, has captivated audiences worldwide with her stunning artwork. Inspired by the intricate forms found in the natural world, Kilgast’s creations serve as an ode to the current biodiversity that surrounds us. Through vibrant colors and meticulous craftsmanship, she brings together plants, mushrooms, insects, and other animals in a harmonious swirl of artistic expression. Continue reading »

Unveiling the Intricate Connections and Enduring Strength in Bethany Krull’s Porcelain and Mixed Media Sculptures


Intertwining the intricate tapestry of humanity, fellow animals, and the vast natural realm, Bethany Krull breathes life into porcelain and mixed media sculptures. Continue reading »

Escape Velocity: Where Physical Art Meets Digital Illusion, A Fabian Oefner Showcase


The Swiss artist, Fabian Oefner, has managed to mesmerize us yet again with his newest collection, “Escape Velocity”. His seemingly impossible sculptures push the envelope and test our understanding of reality. Continue reading »

Metamorphosis in Motion: Unveiling the Mysteries of Andreas Senoner’s Sculptural Creations


Andreas Senoner, a Florence-based sculptor, creates intricate mixed-media sculptures that capture the essence of transformation. His works depict human figures frozen in mysterious states of metamorphosis, inviting viewers to contemplate the intricate relationship between individuals and their ever-evolving contexts. Continue reading »

Crafting Emotions through Clay: The Inspiring Work of Aman Khanna


Aman Khanna is a gifted artist and visual storyteller hailing from the bustling city of New Delhi, India. His unique creations are stunning clay sculptures that capture the essence of human emotions, interactions and experiences. Each one of his pieces tells a compelling story that resonates with people from all walks of life. Continue reading »

Ken Kelleher’s Digital Sculptures: Where Reality Meets Imagination


American sculptor Ken Kelleher (previously featured) creates awe-inspiring large-scale digital sculptures that seamlessly blend into real-life landscapes, be it streets, galleries, or small spaces. His creations are so realistic that they seem to come alive and transport the viewer to a whole new world. Continue reading »