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Lunchtime Laughter: The Art of ‘Sandwich Bag Dad’ and His Daily Doodle Delight


Dave, also known as “Sandwich Bag Dad,” has been creating daily dad joke cartoons and puns on his children’s lunch bags for over 11 years. This unique tradition began when his eldest daughter started school and has since evolved into a collection of thousands of sandwich bag drawings, garnering a global social media following, a coffee table book, and two art gallery exhibitions.

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In 2023, Dave continued his daily ritual, drawing three unique cartoons each day for each of his three daughters. These genuine lunch bags, often crumpled and worn after a day at school, often end up recycled, with some displayed in classrooms. Dave’s creative process involves tailoring each bag to his children’s interests and current events, aiming to uncover a dad joke in any situation.

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Despite the challenge of creating three new bags daily, Dave has never missed a day in 11 years, except when his children are sick or choose to buy lunch at school. He often uses weekends and holidays to build a buffer of bags, maintaining this beloved tradition with relentless dedication and enjoyment.

Dave is previosly featured on Design You Trust here and here.

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