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Meet Adela Madej, an Illustrator and Graphic Artist From Poland


Adela Madej is a graphic designer based in Warsaw. She completed her education at the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology’s Faculty of New Media Arts and the University of Warsaw’s Institute of Polish Culture. Continue reading »

Brolga’s Travel Series: Fun Characters Doodled in Streets and Cityscapes


Color adds excitement to cities, and Australian artist Brolga captures this vibrancy through his unique art. He creatively infuses his travel photos with bright, doodled characters, starting this project in 2016 to give more life to his travel memories. This idea grew, incorporating his friends’ and professional photographers’ travel images worldwide. Continue reading »

Lunchtime Laughter: The Art of ‘Sandwich Bag Dad’ and His Daily Doodle Delight


Dave, also known as “Sandwich Bag Dad,” has been creating daily dad joke cartoons and puns on his children’s lunch bags for over 11 years. This unique tradition began when his eldest daughter started school and has since evolved into a collection of thousands of sandwich bag drawings, garnering a global social media following, a coffee table book, and two art gallery exhibitions. Continue reading »

Very Cheeky and Unstoppably Confident Characters by Yuri


In search of a burst of color and charm in your life? Your search ends here. Allow us to present these incredibly vibrant and supremely confident characters, the brainchild of an artist known as Yuri. Continue reading »

This Artist Creates a Unique Design Daily for a Year: Here Are 80 Of Them So Far


Flying Mouse 365 (FM365) is a unique art project by acclaimed artist Chow Hon Lam. For this project, Chow took on the challenge of creating “one design a day” for an entire year, a feat he accomplished in 2011. Continue reading »

“Pencil Vs Camera”: Artist Ben Heine Creates Surreal and Stunning Images with Photography and Illustration


Have you ever wondered what would happen if you mixed photography and illustration in one artwork? Well, Ben Heine has the answer for you. He is the creator of the amazing series “Pencil Vs Camera”, where he combines his two passions in a stunning way. Continue reading »

This Artist Draws Quirky Characters, Funny Scenes, and Catchy Slogans That Make You Smile and Laugh


Jamie Browne is an illustrator who has a simple, unique, and cool style. He draws quirky characters, funny scenes, and catchy slogans that reflect his personality and humor. He has worked with brands like Volcom, Vans, and Stab Magazine, and he has a loyal fan base on Instagram. But Jamie’s journey as an artist started when he was a kid, doodling on his school books and annoying his teachers. Continue reading »

A Comic Strip that Takes Food Literally: Chris Agee’s ‘Know Your Specialty Foods’


The single-panel comic called “Eyewash” by Chris Agee has undergone significant changes since its inception. The series primarily features puns and wordplay, and the artist has created numerous doodles and humorous jokes over time to develop the storyline further. Continue reading »

This Artist Merges Laughter and Design in Pop Culture Parodies

The Scream Of Pain

Meet Rafael Jurado aka Raffiti. He’s a 33-year-old illustrator hailing from Granada, Spain, and presently calls Barcelona his home. Raffiti’s designs are printed on merchandise, primarily t-shirts, by companies across the globe. Continue reading »

Finding Joy in the Ordinary: Heartwarming Illustrations by Milkyprint


In a whirlwind world that never seems to pause, it’s all too easy for the delicate joys and small blessings peppering our daily lives to slip unnoticed through the cracks. We’re so immersed in the tumult and commotion, perpetually reaching for grander dreams and lofty accomplishments, that we often forget to stop and relish the minuscule miracles that make life truly radiant. Continue reading »

How Ainsley Drew’s Terrible Drawings are Bringing Smiles to Faces Everywhere


Ainsley Drew may not be the best artist, but she has certainly captured the hearts of many with her quirky and hilarious drawings. As the mind behind Instagram account @lousydrawingsforgoodpeople, Ainsley draws inspiration from various sources and shares her work on social media platforms regularly. Continue reading »

Meet Nadia Tolstoy, the Stockholm-Based Illustrator and Cartoonist Who Will Change the Way You See Words


Nadia Tolstoy is a Stockholm-based illustrator and cartoonist who has captured the attention of many on social media. She describes her work as “mildly amusing doodles” that are “surreal at times and frequently silly.” Nadia has created a series of illustrations that combine different things to represent a single word, resulting in absurd and amusing visuals that will change the way you perceive words. Continue reading »

A New Perspective on Life in Witty Drawings by Yuval Robichek


This title refers to a collection of 30 drawings by Israeli artist Yuval Robichek that use clever and humorous ideas to convey a message or express an emotion. Witty drawings are a type of artwork that often feature wordplay, puns, or visual jokes to make the viewer laugh or think in a new way. Continue reading »

Illustrator October Jones Draws Cartoon Faces on Commuters During His Daily Commute


When it comes to commuting, most people turn to activities like listening to music, reading, or staring out the window. But illustrator and animator October Jones, whose real name is Joe Butcher, has found a more creative way to pass the time – by drawing new heads for his fellow commuters. Continue reading »

Illustrating the Punny Side of Words and Sayings: Surreal and Minimalistic Doodles by Nadia Tolstoy


Nadia (previously featured), an interior architect and artist from Sweden, creates humorous and imaginative doodles that depict the literal or alternative meanings of English words. Continue reading »

A Daily Cloud: Artist Creates Funny Doodles Of Clouds That Makes Everybody Smile


Dublin, Ireland-based artist Chris Judge creates funny doodles of clouds that makes everybody smile. Chris transforms beautiful pictures of clouds that he finds on the Internet into whimsical fun characters. A Daily Cloud is an amusing ongoing project created by Chris Judge and his wife, photographer Cliona O’Flaherty. Continue reading »

Illustrator Creates Mildly Amusing Doodles That Are Surreal At Times And Frequently Silly


Meet Nadia Tolstoy, an illustrator and cartoonist from Stockholm, Sweden that might change the way you look at some words. As she describes on her Instagram, she creates “mildly amusing doodles” that are “surreal at times and frequently silly”. Continue reading »

This Artist Took Idioms Too Literally And Illustrated The Hilarious Result


Keren Rosen, better known to her followers as Dings & Doodles, is a freelance illustrator and designer based in Tel Aviv, Israel. She has worked with various well-known companies in Israel and abroad, and has drawn illustrations for numerous graphic books, commercials, magazines, and her own individual projects. Continue reading »

Artist Kristian Mensa Creates Creative Drawings That Incorporate Everyday Objects


Czech Artist Kristian Mensa creates fun and innovative drawings that incorporate everyday objects. For the creative artist, inspiration is everywhere and even everyday objects can become an integral part of an artwork. Continue reading »

Small but Brave: Charming Illustrations by Skottie Young

Skottie Young is a writer and comic book artist from the United States. Young is famous for his work for Marvel, in his time he drew Spider-Man, Deadpool, Guardians of the Galaxy and many other interesting things. One of his major works was the graphic novels based on Frank Baum’s Wizard of Oz. Continue reading »

Creative Drawings On Pictures Of Everyday Objects Created By Artist Irfan Yilmaz

Turkish-born artist Irfan Yilmaz, currently living in Boston, Massachusetts, who is known as “Doodletheaction” on his Instagram creates drawings on pictures of everyday objects. Continue reading »

Boston Artist Matthew Zaremba Has Used Art and Instagram to Process Reality and Capture His Feelings

Matthew Zaremba (b. 1983) is a multidisciplinary artist best known for his minimalist illustrations examining the human condition and the intricacies of the head and the heart. Boston-based and internationally recognized, Zaremba is a published visual storyteller whose work spans a myriad of mediums from print to paintings to public murals. Continue reading »

Illustrator Adds Funny Cartoons To Strangers’ Instagram Photos

Beware, for your Instagram account is at risk! Right this moment, there might be a person scrolling through your photos, trying to find a target to exercise their nimble fingers. Continue reading »

“Art of The Doodler”: Fyodor Dostoevsky Draws In His Manuscripts

More than 200 sheets of Russian writer Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky’s notebooks and manuscripts contain drawings, among them mainly portraits, sketches of Gothic windows and arches, arabesques and calligrams. Continue reading »

Socially Awkward Situations And Funny Random Cartoons by RandoWis

The man behind these comics is RandoWis from Singapore. He bases all of his characters on real people and gathers the inspiration for the comics from his daily life and funny situations. Take a look at some of his best comics below. Continue reading »