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Mom Turns Her 3-Year-Old’s Doodles Into Paintings

The making of on YouTube

A little over a year ago, Ruth Oosterman wrote on Bored Panda (also published on Design You Trust) about how she collaborates with with Eve, her two-year-old daughter, to create beautiful works of art. Now, the Toronto-based Canadian artist is back with new paintings. How does this creative duo go about creating their work? Eve, who’s now 3, uses a felt-tip pen to doodle on a piece of paper; then Ruth adds paint to finish the piece.

The making of on YouTube

“I try to work quickly and let imagination and play take root into the painting rather than taking it to seriously, this way I can encourage Eve’s contribution without making it too ‘grownup,’” Oosterman wrote on Bored Panda.

The making of on YouTube

“As Pablo Picasso said, it can take ‘but a lifetime to paint like a child.’ I feel so blessed that my daughter can remind me once again what it is to paint like a child by letting me see through her eyes.”

The making of on YouTube

The making of on YouTube

The making of on YouTube

The making of on YouTube


The making of on YouTube

The making of on YouTube

h/t: bored panda

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