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This Artist Brings Dying Art of Book Fore-Edge Painting into the Limelight


Maisie Matilda, a 24-year-old UK artist, has gained acclaim for reviving the rare art of book fore-edge painting.

She began exploring this technique during the COVID-19 lockdown, gaining viral fame in late 2021 through her TikTok videos, particularly one featuring a J.R.R. Tolkien book. With over half a million Instagram followers, Maisie has brought attention to this critically endangered craft, dating back to the 10th century but evolving into an art form in the 18th century. Combining her love for Tolkien’s works and intricate painting, Maisie’s process involves selecting a book, preparing it, and then delicately painting on the fore-edge using fine brushes. She prides herself on her speed and attention to detail in her work.

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