The Starry Heavens Above Me And The Moral Law Within Me: Atmospheric Paintings By Nicola Caredda

Nicola Caredda was born in Cagliari in 1981. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Sassari and undertake an independent and singular pictorial search path rather secluded compared to the most popular movements by local artists of his age.

Transcends reality using a dreamy-visionary language, creates dense special obsessively images that blend elements from distant expressive vocabularies, producing enhanced by an indecipherable suggestions enigmatic charge, a recognizable painting, individual things he painted based on specific encodings , not only artistic, but part of our customary view.

In his works hanging objects between the real and the surreal, between physics and metaphysics that tell the result of a reality of a vision of the whole inner and subjective. A personal metaphorical language to an alienating result and the same time appealing to a painting that tries to exorcise fear and anguish.

More: Nicola Caredda, Instagram

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