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The Mysterious And Misty Eerieness Of Japanese Horror Illustrator Mozza

Student and illustrator Mozza is a fan of the horror genre with a particular fixation on mist or fog to convey a sense of eerieness, uncanniness, a border space between the world of the living and the world of the dead, or the physical manifestation of a malefic presence. Moreover, this extends to her use of colors and textures to blur boundaries and distinctions between dark and light.

One of Mozza’s recent themes is kamikakushi, which means “spiriting away.” While English-speaking audiences may immediately think of the Ghibli film, the term refers to a far more sinister phenomenon of children mysteriously dying or disappearing, as the result of an evil spirit. Whereas the in-between spaces separating the living and the dead have traditionally been forests or other places from the Japanese countryside, in Mozza’s imagination, highways seem to serve this purpose…

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