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Nightmarish Illustrations That Will Have You Hiding Under The Bed


You have to wonder how Japanese digital artist Ryohei Hase sleeps at night.


Hailing from Tokyo, Hase effortlessly fuses painting and digital illustrations to bring to life his surrealist and nightmarish fantasy world. He’s revered as an iconic cult figure in the modern day Japanese art world, with his work being displayed in countless exhibitions across the country and featured comics, books, magazines and video games.


Interestingly enough, all his work is painted freehand in Adobe Photoshop, which resulted in him claiming the Asia Digital Art Award not once – but twice, first in 2003 and then in 2006.


Not hard to see why, his work is as remarkable as it is disturbing. There’s no fairy-tales to be had, just twisted characters from a far darker and sinister realm.


Via So Bad So Good

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