“Time In Motion”: Absolutely Amazing Digital Illustrations By The Russian Artist Evgeny Kazantsev

Technology is constantly growing and affecting our daily lives. From drones, solar energy or the evolution of vehicle design, technology’s integration into cities, oceans and the planet overall changes the face of our daily experience.

Evgeny Kazantsev (previously), Russian graphic artist who has recently unveiled a set of illustrations that envision the future based on current technological trends. Innovations with flying drones, architectural constructions, and materials may seem small in a day-to-day context, but when combined with a sense of practicality – can ultimately shape and progress the way we inhabit the Earth. Kazantsev gives life to these advancements in his work, combining photography with an aesthetic that resembles vintage Worlds Fair postcards to create a vision of the future. The images below are just breathtaking.

The series is not an expression of a futuristic landscape, plagued by the negative infiltration of robotics, electronics and computers; rather ‘past in the future’ envisions promising ideas for the inevitable assimilation of humans and advanced technologies.

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