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Provocative and Humorous Vintage T-Shirt Slogans


Remember those iron-on transfers that were sold in magazines telling us to Nuke the Whales? We wanted to know whether they were still available when we initially praised the magnificent 1970s T-Shirt.

Throwback styles are all the rage, just like the days when Malcolm McLaren reimagined Chucky Berry as King Kong ejaculating over Fay Wray on a T-shirt, Miriam Linna celebrated juvenile delinquency on a t-shirt, you could wear rebellion with James Dean, and bikers were more than happy to oblige with their duty to offend in a variety of T-shirts that few stores would carry.

In keeping with the spirit of throwback culture, we’re returning to a previous tribute to the ubiquitous T-Shirt.

h/t: flashbak

1980s 6
1980s 42
1980s 47
1980s 57
Slogan T Shirts 2
Slogan T Shirts 3
Slogan T Shirts 4
Slogan T Shirts 5
Slogan T Shirts 6
Slogan T Shirts 7
Slogan T Shirts 8 866x1536
Slogan T Shirts 9
Slogan T Shirts 10 997x1536
Slogan T Shirts 11
Slogan T Shirts 12 948x1536
Slogan T Shirts 13 862x1536
Slogan T Shirts 14
Slogan T Shirts 15
Slogan T Shirts 16
Slogan T Shirts 17
Slogan T Shirts 18
Slogan T Shirts 19
Slogan T Shirts 20
Slogan T Shirts 21
Slogan T Shirts 22
Slogan T Shirts 23
Slogan T Shirts 24
Slogan T Shirts 26
Slogan T Shirts 27
Slogan T Shirts 28
Slogan T Shirts 29
Slogan T Shirts 30
Slogan T Shirts 33
Slogan T Shirts 34 2
1980s 123

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