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Artist Created 30 Truthful Cartoons About Working From Home

According to an artist Irina Blok: “I am a designer based in San Francisco and have been working from home, or more specifically from my couch since the pandemic started. I started daily drawing and posting these on Instagram to help cope with stress and blow off some steam. In these drawings, I explore blessings, challenges, and absurdities we have to deal with while working from home.

In fact, I was sitting on the couch so much in the past two years it completely broke down. For convenience, I ordered a new one and it arrived in such an enormous box that it had trouble fitting through the door. These types of everyday work-from-home situations have been an endless source of ideas and inspiration. I try to create one new drawing every day. I’ve enjoyed drawing these, and hope you’ll like them too!”

More: Irina Blok, Instagram h/t: boredpanda

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