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Spectacular Winning Photos Of the 2022 Siena International Photo Awards

Here are the winning photos of the 2022 Siena International Photo Awards. Greek photographer Konstantinos Tsakalidis with “Woman from Evia” is the overall winner of this year. The shot captures the desperation of Kritsiopi Panayiota, an 81-year-old woman, as the flames are approaching her home during the serious forest fires that hit the country in summer 2021 and caused extensive environmental damage.

The image, selected from tens of thousands of images sent by photographers from 140 countries, will be on display in Siena from October 1st to November 20th, along with the winning photos of the 12 categories of the SIPA 2022, the Creative Photo Awards, Drone Photo Awards and the solo exhibitions of Danish Siddiqui (Indian photographer killed on 16 July 2021 while documenting the combat between Afghan troops and the Taliban), as well as exhibitions featuring the work of Ami Vitale, Dan Winters and Peter Mather.

Photo Of The Year: Woman from Evia by Konstantinos Tsakalidis

Kritsiopi Panayiota, 81-years-old, reacts as a wildfire approaches her house. Amid the hottest and most long-lasting heatwave in the last 30 years, with temperatures reaching 47°C, hundreds of forest fires broke out across the country, severely hitting Greece’s second largest island. Thousands of residents and tourists were evacuated by boat. The fire, which raged uncontrollably for a week in the tinder-dry pine forests, destroyed more than 50,000 hectares of forest area and agricultural land, burned dozens of houses, and killed many animals.

More: Siena International Photo Awards, Instagram h/t: 121clicks

Street Photography: 1st classified, Smokey Coat by Michael Kowalczyk

Street Photography: 2nd classified, Jerusalem 2018 by Barry Talis

Street Photography: 3rd classified, Back to Birqash by Jonathan Jasberg

Journeys & Adventures: 1st classified, Work by Rahat Bin Mustafiz

Journeys & Adventures: 2nd classified, The Couple Is Struggling to Find a Stop by Morten Gåsvand

Journeys & Adventures: 3rd classified, Surprise Visit by Marcus Westberg

Fascinating Faces & Characters: 1st classified, Angelina Jolie and Bees Number 1 by Dan Winters

Fascinating Faces & Characters: 2nd classified, This Is My Eye by Ahmed El Hanjoul

Fascinating Faces & Characters: 3rd classified, Hug by K.deniz Kalayci

The Beauty of Nature: 1st classified, Way to Hell by Nadine Galandi

The Beauty of Nature: 2nd classified, Savannah Burning by Roberto Marchegiani

The Beauty of Nature: 3rd classified, Lonely Island Sunrise by Aya Okawa

Animals in the Environment: 1st classified, Mother, Tender Love by Amos Nachoum

Animals in the Environment: 2nd classified, Puma Hunting Guanaco by Ingo Arndt

Animals in the Environment: 3rd classified, Last Hug by Igor Altuna

Architecture & Urban Spaces: 1st classified, Joker Smile by Muhammad Almasri

Architecture & Urban Spaces: 2nd classified, Elevator by Ibrahim Nabeel Salah

Architecture & Urban Spaces: 3rd classified, Detachment by Giulio Casti

Sports In Action: 1st classified, Finding Nemo by Jonne Roriz

Sports In Action: 2nd classified, Caeleb Dressel by Ian Macnicol

Sports In Action: 3rd classified, Try by Bradley Kanaris

Documentary & Photojournalism: 1st classified, High Hopes by Fabrizio Maffei

Documentary & Photojournalism: 2nd classified, Israeli Palestinians by Ohad Zwigenberg

Documentary & Photojournalism: 3rd classified, Maicao Police Detention Cell by Jan Grarup

Under 20: 1st classified, Kiss Me by Raffael Gunawan

Under 20: 2nd classified, Confine by Qiyuan Zhu

Under 20: 3rd classified, Strength by Vladislav Shapovalov

Underwate Life: 1st classified, I Go Flying, I Come Flying by Francisco Javier Murcia Requena

Underwate Life: 2nd classified, Hunting California Sea Lion by Nick Polanszky

Underwate Life: 3rd classified, Goliath in Lilliput by Tom Shlesinger

Storyboard: 1st classified, Urban and Wild by Peter Mather

Storyboard: 2nd classified, Uncovering Iraq by Alessio Mamo

Storyboard: 3rd classified, Ultra Orthodox Pandemic by Dan Balilty

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