Artist Remixed Iconic Logos With The Word “Fart” As A Father’s Day Surprise For His Dad, A Former Sign Maker – Design You Trust

Artist Remixed Iconic Logos With The Word “Fart” As A Father’s Day Surprise For His Dad, A Former Sign Maker

According to an artist: “Life is better with laughter! An ode to my dear dad, a sign maker who has wisely said…”You Know You Are Old, When Farts Are No Longer Funny!” As a silly surprise for him, this “Farter’s Day” aka “Father’s day – I remixed 99 iconic logos with the word Fart.

Captioned with the companies slogan or mission statement it can really change the whole company hilariously! My fun-loving dad was a sign maker for many many years before he had to retire due to MS. He worked in many shops, freelanced, and turned our dining room into a sign shop when he opened his own business.

We all had a good laugh over them and hope you do too! You can see the entire project on the Instagram link.

My dad emailed a funny response to the project that I will close with…

“These are Fartlarious!

In the one and only book I ever read on Writing for Humour by Sid Caesar, his opening preface page had this great quote from him:

“Nobody really knows how to be funny, but some people and some situations just are funny. But why is this so? For me, as a comedy writer for over forty years, it has always boiled down to this one human truth about what makes people smile: When somebody farts, somebody laughs!

If that isn’t true, then why are you smiling right now?”

Cheers to art & farts!”

More: Instagram h/t: boredpanda

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