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Daniel Mróz, An Illustrator Behind The Stanisław Lem’s Sci-Fi Stories


Daniel Mróz (born 3 February 1917 in Kraków; died 21 January 1993 in Kraków) – Polish stage designer and artist, illustrator of the science fiction books of Stanislaw Lem and of the unique, absurd writings of Sławomir Mrożek.

Daniel Mróz’s work remained highly valued. Created in the difficult era of Communist Poland, when realistic works were promoted by the authorities, these surreal black and white drawings and collages inspired several artists in Poland and abroad. In winter of 2011 Google’s Doodle repeated his unique artistic style. Last years several monographs and catalogs listing works by Mróz were published, several serious shows of his graphic work were held and a short movie with the participation of Daniel Mróz has been re-issued on DVD.

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