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Fascinating Children Portraits by Patrizia Vignola

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Patrizia Vignola, a 2D fine artist born in NY and currently residing and working in Minnesota, holds an MFA from the New York Academy of Art.

Her art has always focused on the human form, particularly faces, aiming to capture deeper emotional or philosophical aspects of humanity rather than just likenesses. Her fascination with ruff collars from historical portraits symbolizes the constraints and expectations imposed by society, reflecting how we carry and often struggle with the socioeconomic and cultural “collars” inherited from our families.

Since the birth of her daughter, Patrizia’s thoughts have evolved towards exploring the circumstances and expectations we are born into, influenced by socioeconomic backgrounds, cultural identities, and family histories. This metaphor of the ruff collar represents both dignity and confinement, mirroring the societal pressures and inherited traits that shape our lives.

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Patrizia Vignolia Iwazaru

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