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Ford Comuta, the Company’s First Electric Vehicle, Was Manufactured for the British Market in 1967


The Ford Comuta, an experimental electric vehicle designed in 1967 at the Ford Dunton Technical Centre, was primarily targeted at the British market. Continue reading »

40-Foot Studebaker President: The World’s Biggest Passenger Car

Few companies escaped the Stock Market Crash of 1929 that plunged the United States and much of the western world into an abyss of economic recession. One of the worst hit was the automobile industry—because obviously it was hard to sell cars to people who were out of work. Continue reading »

Obama’s Photographer Trails ‘House of Cards’ President Frank Underwood

Frank Underwood is getting the presidential treatment from a real White House photographer.

Pete Souza, who followed Presidents Obama and Reagan around snapping photos, is at it again in Washington, D.C., Monday, where Kevin Spacey, in character as House of Cards’ fictional president, is hitting landmarks in the nation’s capital for a publicity photo shoot for the Netflix series, with Michael Kelly, who plays aide Doug Stamper, in tow. Continue reading »

What Michelle Obama’s Campaign Branding May Look Like If She Runs For President


If you are a fan of President Obama, you are probably also in the anti-Trump camp for this year’s presidential race—and you are likely to be rather, if not very, upset by how the country would soon be led by President Trump. Continue reading »

Cheetos for President

Portraits of Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama are made of more than 2,000 Cheetos each by Colorado Springs artist Jason Baalman. (Jack Dempsey/Invision)

President Obama Held His First Ever Twitter Town Hall

President Barack Obama sends a tweet as Twitter co-founder and Executive Chairman Jack Dorsey. In the Twitter town hall, the messages were displayed on a large television screen on the stage, and in the Facebook one, the questions were just read out loud. The Twitter town hall was held at the White House in the East Room and President Obama responded to 22 tweets and posted one himself. Most tweet comments and questions came from average Twitter users. (AP image/Twitter town hall) Continue reading »