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Ford Comuta, the Company’s First Electric Vehicle, Was Manufactured for the British Market in 1967


The Ford Comuta, an experimental electric vehicle designed in 1967 at the Ford Dunton Technical Centre, was primarily targeted at the British market.


1967 Ford Comuta 1

Powered by four 12-volt lead-acid batteries, it offered a range of 60 kilometers (37 miles) at a speed of 40 kilometers per hour (25 mph) and could reach a maximum speed of 60 kilometers per hour (37 mph).

1967 Ford Comuta 2

Despite Ford President Arjay Miller’s prediction that cars like the Comuta could be available within five to ten years, the next electric Ford, the 1998 Ranger EV, arrived much later. Only two Comutas were made, with one now housed at the Science Museum in London, highlighting its unique place in Ford’s history.

1967 Ford Comuta 3

The Comuta’s concept of a small electric city car paved the way for future electric microcars, influencing designs like the 1974 Vanguard-Sebring Citicar, which became the best-selling EV until the Tesla Model S.

1967 Ford Comuta 4
1967 Ford Comuta 5
1967 Ford Comuta 6
1967 Ford Comuta 7
1967 Ford Comuta 8
1967 Ford Comuta 10
1967 Ford Comuta 11
1967 Ford Comuta 12
1967 Ford Comuta 13
1967 Ford Comuta 15
1967 Ford Comuta 16
1967 Ford Comuta 17
1967 Ford Comuta 18
1967 Ford Comuta 19
1967 Ford Comuta 21
1967 Ford Comuta 22
1967 Ford Comuta 23
1967 Ford Comuta 24
1967 Ford Comuta 25

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