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Crafting Halloween Magic: Jean Marie Smith’s Spectacular Hay Bale Art


Every year, Jean Marie Smith eagerly anticipates the arrival of Halloween for a very special reason. As a digital artist with a heart full of creativity, she dedicates her time to creating giant hay bale art for a beloved local nonprofit’s annual Halloween event. Her unique creations are nothing short of extraordinary, adding a touch of enchantment to the spooky season.

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Last year, Jean Marie’s artistic inspiration took an unexpected turn when she designed a giant hay bale in the shape of a Campbell’s soup can. This imaginative piece led her down memory lane to a beloved childhood book called The Borrowers. The book’s captivating story revolves around miniature humans who make their home within the walls of an English house, cleverly “borrowing” items from the “giants” to meet their needs. It was this charming concept that sparked an idea in Jean Marie – to transport event attendees into the world of miniature people surrounded by giant objects.


Inspired by the iconic movie “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids,” Jean Marie embarked on her creative journey, determined to create oversized objects that would leave a lasting impression. She faced the unique challenge of working with cylindrical shapes, but her passion and determination prevailed.


One of her cherished traditions is the annual creation of Jack O’Lantern and Frankenstein’s Monster hay bale sculptures. Each year, these spooky characters take on a new shape, influenced by the quirks and dimensions of each hay bale. This year was no different, with most of the bales being double stacked and ranging in height from 4 to 5 1/2 feet. When stacked together, they reached impressive heights of either 8 or 11 feet.


A standout creation from this year’s collection was the giant baby bottle, which reached a towering height of 14 feet. Jean Marie’s creativity knew no bounds as she ingeniously repurposed the upside-down seat of a papasan chair and crowned it with a plastic plant pot, expertly covered in hay to create the nipple. The result was nothing short of spectacular.


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