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The Superb Tulle Sculptures by Benjamin Shine

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Benjamin Shine, a British artist, makes intriguing sculptures and art installations with a unique material.

His beautiful tulle works are distinguished by their ethereal quality and emotional depth. Benjamin’s work explores topics such as energy, impermanence, and the relationship between the spiritual and the superficial.

Benjamin’s approach involves manipulating fabric with precise folding, sewing, and ironing to create depth, dimension, and exquisite detail. By shaping the lightweight, delicate netting fabric into intricate and flowing shapes, he creates creations that appear to float and sparkle with life.

More: Benjamin Shine, Instagram

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[image] 2008152
[image] 2080614
[image] 2922052
[image] 3194251
[image] 3614243
[image] 5001031
[image] 5791112
[image] 6058422
[image] 6400534
[image] 6761262
[image] 7299748
[image] 7447219
[image] 7484426
[image] 8640551
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