An Artist Makes a Giant Sculpture of G-7 Leaders Out of Electronic Waste


A giant Mount Rushmore-style sculpture made out of electronic waste depicting G7 leaders has been erected in Cornwall. Continue reading »

Artist Turned 3 Tons Of Plastic Waste Into A Colorful Forest In Mexico City

A Danish artist in Mexico City has created a botanical garden made entirely of garbage. ‘Future Forest’ is the brain child of Danish artist Thomas Dambo. Dambo hopes that the installation will act as a way of getting people to reconsider their relationship with the environment. Continue reading »

Dead Whale Sculpture Raises Awareness On Plastic Waste In The Philippines

Greenpeace Philippines has launched a 50 ft sculpture of a dead whale made out of plastic waste in a campaign to raise awareness about the effects of dumping rubbish. Continue reading »

This Artist Upcycles Textile Waste Into Beautiful And Elegant Resin Stools


Designer Ammar Kalo has found a beautiful new use for discarded textiles in fabrications, a series of resin stools topped with colorful pieces of fabric. After the fabric is carefully arranged by hand, Kalo traps the pieces of cloth in resin that’s cured until solid. The low-tech production requires few raw materials. Continue reading »

Fantastic Giant Sculptures Made Entirely Of Beach Waste To Make You Reconsider Plastic Use


Let these amazing yet disturbing sculptures serve us as a reminder of society’s overuse of plastics. All of them were created using plastic materials found in sea or on shore, discarded plastics which we call beach waste. Continue reading »

The World’s Largest Electronic Waste Dump

A recycling electronic waste factory is seen beside a field in the township of Guiyu in China’s southern Guangdong province June 10, 2015. The town of Guiyu in the economic powerhouse of Guangdong province in China has long been known as one of the world’s largest electronic waste dump sites. At its peak, some 5,000 workshops in the village recycle 15,000 tonnes of waste daily including hard drives, mobile phones, computer screens and computers shipped in from across the world.
Continue reading »

Rob Greenfield Dumpster Dives to Save the World from Food Waste Fiasco


Rob Greenfield wants to come to your town, dive into your dumpster, and make a feast. Greenfield is a 28-year-old who’s made it his life’s purpose to inspire a healthy Earth, often with attention-grabbing tactics. Continue reading »

Photo of the Day: Without law on electronic waste, where do you want us to put the batteries?

A police officer questions an activist, wearing a prosthetic buttock, from environmental group Greenpeace during a demonstration at the stairs of the National Congress in Buenos Aires November 14, 2012. The organization demands the Congress approve a new law on electronic waste. Her T-shirt reads, “Without law on electronic waste, where do you want us to put the batteries?”. (Greenpeace/Reuters)

Trapped Raccoons Saved from a Waste Container

A guy saw a family of raccoons that couldn’t get out of the trash container… Continue reading »

Song Dong’s Waste Not at the Barbican

Waste Not, an installation that gathers over 10,000 everyday objects collected by Song Dong’s mother over a period of five decades, reflects on the Chinese artist’s childhood during the Cultural Revolution. Waste Not is at the Barbican Art Gallery, London EC2, from 15 February to 12 June. Photograph: Oli Scarff/Getty Images.

Song Dong’s Waste Not installation in the Curve at the Barbican Art Gallery, London. Continue reading »

Photo of the Day: Illegal Waste Made in Italy

Greenpeace activists stand near a giant danger sign displayed to protest against the arrival of what they claim to be illegal waste from Italy at the dumping site of Nerva, Spain. The banner reads ‘illegal waste’. (Pedro Armestre/Greenpeace via Reuters) Click image to zoom.