An Artist Makes a Giant Sculpture of G-7 Leaders Out of Electronic Waste


A giant Mount Rushmore-style sculpture made out of electronic waste depicting G7 leaders has been erected in Cornwall.

The imposing artwork, placed on the beach opposite the Carbis Bay Hotel where the summit is taking place, has been dubbed “Mount Recyclemore” and aims to highlight the problem with electronics waste. Artist Joe Rush was commissioned by retailer musicMagpie to create the intriguing model, that will undoubtedly be seen by G7 leaders as they admire the resplendent Cornish coast.

More: Joe Rush, Instagram h/t: yahoo

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He told the BBC: “We have this looking at them and hopefully we’re going to prick their conscience and make them realise they’re all together in this waste business.

“The key message is ‘talk to each other’ and let’s sort this mess out.”


The sculpture depicts Boris Johnson, president Joe Biden, Japanese prime minister Yoshihide Suga, French president Emmanuel Macron, Italian prime minister Mario Draghi, Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau and German chancellor Angela Merkel.

According to a UN report around 53 million tonnes of e-waste was generated globally in 2019, and is set to more than than double by 2050.




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