Dead Whale Sculpture Raises Awareness On Plastic Waste In The Philippines

Greenpeace Philippines has launched a 50 ft sculpture of a dead whale made out of plastic waste in a campaign to raise awareness about the effects of dumping rubbish.

A collaboration between Greenpeace and Philippine-Japanese creative agency, Dentsu Jayme Syfu, the “dead whale” was a real-life billboard of a blue whale made of plastic to increase awareness on ocean pollution. It was inspired from the 30 beached whales found in the shores of Europe just last year. One of them was found in the Philippines last December in Samal, Davao.

It is a massive 73 ft. x 10 ft. installation made of plastic wastes found in the ocean. The agency tapped local artists to help craft every detail and texture of the whale—the slimy innards sprawling out of its underbelly which composed of plastic bags, remains of plastic containers, sachet, bottles and more, ensuring its realism from afar and up-close.

It was unveiled on the morning of May 11 in the Sea Side Beach Resort of Naic, Cavite. Pictures and videos of the “dead whale” immediately went viral on social media especially amongst people mistaking it for a real whale.

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